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A narrative on letters, writing and language by Underware & friends.
Thank you to Tessa Bekker, Rob Bothof, Michael Doocey, Kees ‘t Hart, Gary Hill, Tamara Lewis and Jacq Palinckx, Raphael Lefeuvre & Philippe Buschinger and Bram Massaar & George Koeze.

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Thank you to our supporters: Stimuleringsfonds NL, ATypI, TypoBerlin, TypoLabs, IsType, TypeCon, DynamicFontDay, Printemps de la typo & ICTVC.

Thank you to Stephen Coles, Behdad Esfahbod, Baruch Gottlieb, Doug Kisor, Jurgen Siebert, Gerard Unger & Onur Yazicigil for believing in this tale.

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the tale of
the tail of